Foundations Teaching – 3D

These images are from my 3D Design course at UW Richland. These are works by foundation students but not all are art majors. Like many art foundation students in universities not all of them have experience making art and so the assignments have to flexible. I am a firm believer that good art students take what is in front of them and makes the most of it. I have chosen a selection of work from a few different projects.

The assignment for students in this first project was to make four 4in x 4in x 1in squares of wood and then glue them together into a cube (4in x 4in x 4 in). They then had to make 4 cuts in the block and arrange the pieces as if it were a larger sculpture.

In the second assignment shown here students were asked to take any object and make a wooden version of the object. The studio we worked in was predominantly made up of wood working tools and so this was our primary material.

In the third project students were asked to commission an object from a maker in the local area. They then had to argue the merits of their work and the conceptual reading of the object as a work. This was difficult assignment for many of these students as many had never heard of Duchamp, nominalism, or conceptualism before this assignment.

The fourth project that I will show asked students to create a game either out of materials from a game or with wood. They needed to add some different element to their game than the original or they could make something completely new.