Foundations Teaching – Drawing

These images are from my Intro to Drawing course at UW Richland. These are works by foundation students but not all are art majors. Like many art foundation students in universities not all of them have experience making art and so the assignments have to flexible. I am a firm believer that good art students take what is in front of them and makes the most of it. I have chosen a selection of work from a few different projects.
The beginning of the Intro to Drawing course is primarily about learning how to draw from life, learning to look-draw-look-draw, using various materials, and learning to make marks in the service of a drawing as opposed to writing. Once we have gone through a number of exercises we start making drawings. The first of these assignments are self-portraits.

The next set of images are the portraits of other people. Like the Self-portraits, these are primarily made with either pencil, graphite, charcoal, or in rare cases pen.

In the third project, students were asked to create works either using found paper as the ground or to incorporate found imagery into the drawing.

The final set of images I am going to show you were from an assignment where students were asked to develop characters that were half animal, half human or animorphic.