Intro to Digital Imaging Course


I taught a 200 level digital imaging course for the University of Wisconsin Richland and Washington County. The course was meant to give students an overview of the Adobe Suite and some web-based projects via a blog. The students were drawn from all over the school and so it was a generalist course that had to cover all levels and abilities.

The first set of assignments was to create posters based on sci-fi or soviet era designs. These required masks, layers, use of different tools like spray paint, paint brushes, pencils etc. Other assignments included asked students to create entire images from tools within the application (so no found imagery). The images below are from assignments using various tools and techniques.

The class also introduced students to Adobe illustrator where students learned how to create logos, illustrations, and textual designs. Other assignments included asked students to incorporate scans of hand drawn elements into their designs.

The course also introduced students to the InDesign application where students learned how to layout printed designs, linking text, etc. in the service of creating pamphlets and fanzines.