Privacy: A Programme of Symposia with Protoacademy & Olaf Nicolai in Edinburgh

“Privacy: A Programme of Symposia” was a collaboration between the Protoacademy, which I co-ordinated at the time, and Olaf Nicolai initiated by The Henry Moore Foundation’s Contemporary Projects. The symposia (a collection of events, talks and interventions) took place over 10 days in Edinburgh. My contribution was a questionnaire asking the viewer to hypothetically judge other people on issues of privacy and choose an answer from multiple choices. Each answer corresponded to a different book, record or movie that had a connection to the question. This questionnaire was made into a webpage on the HMF website and each answer linked to online versions of the book, song or movie clip. It was also made into a poster that was sent out with the press material and included an interview with the sociologist Irwin Altman who pioneered many important theories regarding our collective notion of privacy. During the symposia I asked Prof. David Cantor, one of the first environmental psychologists, to speak about privacy and place.

The Questionnaire and poster
The Questionnaire and poster
David Cantor's talk
David Cantor’s talk
Post movie session talk
Post movie session talk

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