Foundations Teaching – Intro to Painting

These images are from my Intro to Painting course at UW Richland. These are works by foundation students but not all are art majors. Like many art foundation students in universities not all of them have experience making art and so the assignments have to flexible. I am a firm believer that good art students take what is in front of them and makes the most of it. I have chosen a selection of work from a few different projects.

This studio course unlike others at the University took place over a whole day. To break the day up and to give students a chance to ease into the day we would start every morning with still life painting. Below are some examples of that work.


One of the projects that we did towards the end of the semester were self-portraits that were done during one day. These paintings tended to be simple but allowed the students to get most of the painting done and finished in one day.


The last project That I’m going to present was one where students were asked to incorporate text into an image. These could be found paintings as well as originals and they could use watercolor or acrylic paint. The text was meant to be as important as the image and they were asked to treat the rendering of the text with the same care as well.